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Scientists produce 1st detailed map of human neuroreceptor

Posted On: Sept. 14, 2011

Washington, Sept 12 (ANI): Researchers at the University of Southern California have produced the world's first high-resolution images of the human neuroreceptor.

The breakthrough is expected to revolutionize the engineering of drugs used to treat ailments such as Alzheimer's disease and schizophrenia.

A7 (Alpha 7) receptor is a molecule responsible for transmitting signals between neurons - particularly in regions of the brain believed to be associated with learning and memory.

Using the image, scientists will be better equipped to design pharmaceuticals specifically to interact with the receptor, instead of blindly using a trial-and-error approach.

The high-resolution image will also help neuroscience researchers study how these receptors receive and transmit neuronal signals, a question that has puzzled researchers for decades.

The study is detailed in this month's Nature Neuroscience. (ANI)

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