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This disease is commonly seen in children. Most the child patients have problems when they talk to others. They avoid eye contact while talking to other people around them. Most of the children act weirdly due to this disease. They have the tendency to repeat lines to calm themselves down or need to line up their pencils or pens to ...
Blepharospsm is a disease which is characterize by  the uncontrolled muscle contraction in the eyelid i.e levator palpabrae superioris.This also referred as benign essential blepharospasm (BEB)to distinguish it from the other less serious condition which last for only few days while this condition can also lead to the blindness.Due to sustained and uncontrolled contraction of the muscle there is a ...
Cerebral Palsy
The cerebral palsy is a wide term that comprises of a group of non-progressive, non-contagious motor conditions. These lead to physical disability in the human development. The disability chiefly affects various areas of the body movement. There are four main types of cerebral palsy, they are: - spastic is the most common type of cerebral palsy. Spastic hemiplegia- one sided ...
A disorder involving progressive muscle weakness or paralysis, usually following an infectious illness. It is related toinflammation of multiple nerves. Guillain-Barre syndrome is an acute type of nerve inflammation. The inflammation damages portions of the nerve cell,resulting in muscle weakness or paralysis . The damage usually includes loss of the myelin sheath of the nerve (demyelination),which slows conduction of impulses ...
Spinal Cord Abscess
This condition is characterized by inflammation and collection of infected material or pus between the spinal cord and the spine(epidural). Spinal cord abscess is very rare; a spinal abscess usually occurs as spinal epidural abscess. There is formation of pus, which is a collection of fluid, destroyed tissue cells, white blood cells, and live and dead microorganisms. The pus becomes ...
Chronic Subdural Hematoma
A brain disorder involving a collection of blood in the space between the inner and the outer membranes covering the brain,where symptoms usually develop within a short time after a head injury. Subdural means "below the dura" (the dura mater is the outer membrane covering the brain). Chronic subdural hematoma occurs in about 1 out of 10,000 people.
Vertigo-Associated Disorders
Vertigo is a sensation of motion or spinning that leads to giddiness and uneasiness. Vertigo is different from light-headedness. People with vertigo get sensation of actual spinning or movement, or that the environment itself is spinning.
Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome
This ia a brain disorder characterised by a loss of specific brain functions. This can be due to thiamine deficiency. Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome usually affects people between the ages of 40 to 80. The onset of the condition is gradual. The disorder actually consists of two disorders that may occur independently or together - the disease may involve damage to multiple ...
Acute (Subacute) Subdural Hematoma
Acute (subacute) subdural hematoma is a kind of brain disorder that results in collection of blood in between the outer and inner membranes that cover the brain. The disorder shows its symptoms within a short span of time after a head injury. People of all age group are likely to affect from the disorder. Though, the disorder is less common, ...
Amaurosis Fugax
Sometimes temporary lack of blood supply to the retina can cause loss of vision and this is known as Amaurosis fugax. The loss of vision lasts as long as the blood supply to the retina is not stabilized and normalized. This blood supply to the retina is restrained because of the plaque forming in the arteries. The plaque is formed ...
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)is also called Lou Gehrig's disease, in this disease motor neurons are weakened and destroyed, this cause muscle weakness and feel difficulty in speaking and swallowing. Patients become paralyzed and often require ventilation and surgery for providing new opening in stomach, disease also cause respiratory problems which is the ultimate cause of death.
Sometimes due to weakness in the wall of the blood vessel, there is unusual ballooning and enlarging of a part of an artery. This is called an Aneurysm. In some cases the aneurysm becomes large enough to be fatal for the person as it can burst and can cause heavy bleeding and can lead to death. It most commonly occurs ...
Apoplexy is a redundant medical term that is used to define the uncontrollable bleeding taking place in any part of the body. For instance, when bleeding takes place into the adrenal glands, it is referred as adrenal apoplexy. Similarly, pituitary Apoplexy is a term that defines bleeding of the pituitary glands. The condition is also referred as strokes. Apoplexy happens ...
Arteriovenous Malformation (Cerebral)
Arteriovenous malformation (cerebral) is a condition that represents abnormal connection between veins and arteries present in the brain. Due to this abnormal connection, blood flow to the brain gets disturbed. Although, the malformation can take place in any part of the body, in most cases brain and spine gets affected.  It is a rare disease that affects less than 1% ...
Aseptic Meningitis
Aseptic meningitis is an illness, which resembles with bacterial meningitis. The only difference is that in Aseptic meningitis bacteria do not grow in the culture of the cerebrospinal fluid. It is a fluid, which is present around the spinal cord and the brain. The illness is characterized by fever, headache and inflammation of the lining of the brain
Asperger'S Disorder
Asperger’s disorder is an autism spectrum disorder which shows significant difficulties in fluent social interaction along with repetitive and restricted patterns of interests and behaviours. The condition is a mild variant of another disorder known as Autistic
Ataxia - Telangiectasia
Ataxia-telangiectasia is an inherited disorder that commonly affects immune system, nervous system and other systems of the body also. The disorder is characterized by showing symptoms like ataxia (difficulty in coordinating) that usually occur in early ages of life; say before the age of 5 years. Those people who are suffering from the conditions like cancer, diabetes, etc. are at ...
Autonomic Hyperreflexia
Autonomic hyperreflexia is also known as Autonomic dysreflexia.This condition is characterized by the massive sympathetic discharge due to the spinal cord injury.Patients with  spinal cord injuries at thoracic 6- Thoracic 10.Also the older the injury the less likely the person will experience autonomic dysreflexia.It is an medical emergency.It also occurs in multiple sclerosis. Some complications can be there with the ...
Autonomic Neuropathy
Our nervous system is divided into two parts:Peripheral nervous system and central nervous system.Central nervous system cosits of brain and spinal cord while peripheral nervous system consists of the peripheral nerves arising from the brain and spinal cord.In peripheral nervous system, there are two divisons:Somatic nervous  s system and autonomic nervous system.Autonomic nervous system controls the involuntary actions which is ...
Axillary Nerve Dysfunction
Axillary nerve dysfunction is a common type of nerve dysfunction that leads to loss of the movement and sensation of the shoulder. This disease indicates the nerve damage of the axillary portion of the body. This disease comes under the category of peripheral neuropathy. The myelin sheath gets damaged along with a part of the nerve cell, due to which ...

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