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Blepharospsm is a disease which is characterize by  the uncontrolled muscle contraction in the eyelid i.e levator palpabrae superioris.This also referred as benign essential blepharospasm (BEB)to distinguish it from the other less serious condition which last for only few days while this condition can also lead to the blindness.Due to sustained and uncontrolled contraction of the muscle there is a closing of the eyelid which the patient can't open even with efforts.

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Causes include:

It is thought to be the involvement of basal ganglia of the brain in the base of the brain.The basal ganglia is responsible for the fine coordination of movements

Another cause could be the dryness of eye

Drugs given in the treatment of Parkinson's disease is the cause for the blepharospasm

Estrogen replacement therapy

Bendiazipine, an anti anxiety drug,after its acute with drawl can cause blepharospasm

Emotional stress can also cause blepharospasm.

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Signs & Symptoms

Symptoms includes:

During blinking when the eye closes then the time period for that closure of eyelid gets increased and there is excessive blinking

Dryness to the eye which causes irritation

Sensitivity to the light also causes it

Spasm is also present in the muscles around the eye lids like in nose, face, etc

So there is uncontrolled,sustained muscle contraction in the eyelid and this condition is defined as spasm


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It usually begins with eye irritation.Some sources like bright light, fatigue, emotional condition progress the disease So, avoid all this as much as possible.

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Surgery Modern Medicine

Surgery:This includes the removal of muscles which causes closure of eyelid.This is called as protractor myectomy.

Botulin toxin: this toxin is given to induce the partial paralysis of muscles.It is an effective treatment for the blepharospasm.

Magnesium Chloride is an effective regimen and is given as a dietary supplement.

Prevention from the exposure to light can be helpful

Digital rectal massage

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