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Autonomic Hyperreflexia


Autonomic hyperreflexia is also known as Autonomic dysreflexia.This condition is characterized by the massive sympathetic discharge due to the spinal cord injury.Patients with  spinal cord injuries at thoracic 6- Thoracic 10.Also the older the injury the less likely the person will experience autonomic dysreflexia.It is an medical emergency.It also occurs in multiple sclerosis. Some complications can be there with the patients of hyperreflexia like pulmonary oedema, myocardial infarction or cereberal haemorrhage's.

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Auto nomic hyperreflexia maens it is  over activity of the autonomic nervous system.It can occur when an irritating stimulus is introduced below the level of spinal cord injury.When this stimuli sends a impulse to the spinal cord then it travels upwards but only below the level  of injury then a reflex is activated which causes the activation of sympathetic nervous system. this causes spasm of the muscles in the blood vessels and it causes the increase in the BP .Noe some receptors perceive the change in the blood vessels and causes the dilatation of blood vessels but it can send impulse to only those nerves which arises below the level of injury in the spinal cord.

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Signs & Symptoms

slow pulse,
nasal congestion,
sweating above level of injury,
goose pimples,etc are the other symptoms in the autonomic hyperrflexia.

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Drug Therapy Modern Medicine

Administration of anti hypertensive drug. 
medication involves the vasodilators including nitrates or oral clonidine 
temporarily it can be abolished with the help of spinal anesthesia. 
The noxious stimuli which causes the autonomic hyperreflexia should be avoided as this sends impulse again and again. 

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