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This disease is commonly seen in children. Most the child patients have problems when they talk to others. They avoid eye contact while talking to other people around them. Most of the children act weirdly due to this disease. They have the tendency to repeat lines to calm themselves down or need to line up their pencils or pens to help themselves concentrate on certain task. They have behavioral pattern defects; they may flap their arms to show you that they are happy or may hurt themselves that they are angry and frustrated. It is a kind of “spectrum disorder” as the symptoms are wide in nature.

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Autism is idiopathic in nature. The patient suffers from this mental status throughout his life time. Most of the time, the disease is genetical in nature. Sometimes it is said that the autism is caused due to heavy metal intake in childhood through oral means. Heavy amount of pesticides and childhood vaccines may also lead to this disease.

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Signs & Symptoms
  • The patient may have behavioral pattern disorders.
  • Some of the patients even don’t learn to talk.
  • Some of the patients develop the extra ordinary skills of doing things superior in nature than the general crowd of their age, such as superior skills in perception and attention.
  • Around 60-80% of the patients have poor muscle tones, toe walking and poor motor planning.
  • The patient may suffer from stereotypy- a repetitive movement of head rolling, hand flapping, etc.
  • The patient may also suffer from compulsive behavior- an intended behavior of following rules such as arranging any object in lines or stacks.
  • The patient may also be ritualistic in nature and may tend to follow unchanging menu, dressing ritual etc.
  • The patient may also have the tendency to self injury of certain kinds.
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Autism is not curable though the condition of the patient may become more stable by communication therapies, behavioral therapies and medications to control those symptoms. Medications are given to cure anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and depression. Antipsychotic drugs are administered in severe cases. Anticonvulsant drugs are administered for controlling seizures. 

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