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Apoplexy is a redundant medical term that is used to define the uncontrollable bleeding taking place in any part of the body. For instance, when bleeding takes place into the adrenal glands, it is referred as adrenal apoplexy. Similarly, pituitary Apoplexy is a term that defines bleeding of the pituitary glands. The condition is also referred as strokes. Apoplexy happens when any blood vessel or artery gets blocked due to which blood supply gets reduced. Arteries and blood vessels carry nutrients and oxygen to various parts of the body. In medical conditions, apoplexy, with no specification of organ, is commonly referred to those strokes that take place suddenly in the brain. Sudden symptoms can be outcome of blood clotting in a brain blood vessel or bleeding into the brain, etc. Conditions like stroke or subarachnoid hemorrhage are also referred as Apoplexy. An important point necessary to highlight is that in the U.S. Apoplexy is counted as the third major cause of the death of the persons.

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The condition occurs when too much blood or too little blood is present in the body part, say for instance in brain. If Apoplexy is caused due to presence of too much blood in the brain, then it is called hemorrhagic stroke. Whereas, when condition is caused by too little blood in the brain, then it is called as ischemic stroke.   Other possible causes of the condition that can cause sudden stroke include hereditary tendency, improper eating and drinking, exposure of the head towards the sun, severe exertion of the mind or body, etc.

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Signs & Symptoms

Symptoms of the condition appear swiftly. The common symptoms of the condition include:

  • Headache, followed by eyes pin, neck pain, etc
  • Blurred or double vision
  • Nausea
  • Paralysis
  • Difficulty in understanding speech or speaking
  • Loss of balance
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At present, no prevention exits for the condition.

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Conservative Treatment Modern Medicine

The condition requires prompt treatment in order to prevent any serious health damages. Treatment of Apoplexy aims at warding off the fits and preventing its recurrence chances. Basically, treatment works effectively only when it is taken before the manifestation of the disease. For treating hemorrhagic stroke, patients are given very little to fed and that too specially fruits and salads only. Intake of sugar in any form is strictly forbidden. Different conditions of apoplexy like pituitary apoplexy and adrenal apoplexy are treated differently, depending upon their symptoms and severity.

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