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Sometimes due to weakness in the wall of the blood vessel, there is unusual ballooning and enlarging of a part of an artery. This is called an Aneurysm. In some cases the aneurysm becomes large enough to be fatal for the person as it can burst and can cause heavy bleeding and can lead to death.

It most commonly occurs in the main artery connecting the heart, the chest and abdomen called the Aorta. It can occur in other parts of the body also, it can cause a stroke if the aneurysm in the brain bursts.

Aneurysms sometimes do not show any symptoms and can grow really large before being noticed.

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Signs & Symptoms

There are no specific symptoms of Aneurysm and they vary with location of the aneurysm. Few common symptoms include pain when the aneurysm is building pressure on internal organs or sensation of fast pulse.

The other examples symptoms according to the location of aneurysm are: pain could be felt in the upper back, there may be difficulty in swallowing, hoarseness of throat and even coughing could be followed if an aneurysm is in the chest area.

In an eventuality when an aneurysm gets ruptured it causes immediate and lethal pain, this also may vary on the amount of bleeding due to the rupture and the location of the aneurysm. Further the patient might get unconscious, be in a state of shock even move towards death. Hence in case of bleeding the patient needs to be rushed to a hospital to be checked. Sometimes there are clots formed in the aneurysm and they can be dangerous as they may cause embolism in other organs.

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Lifestyle of a patient needs to be amended once found with aneurysm. The patient will requires to take low calorie diet to further reduce the formation of aneurysms. Also the patient needs to take care of hypertension as it can cause further risk

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Surgery Modern Medicine

To make the correct diagnosis various tests and studies like MRI, Angiogram, X-ray, Echocardiography, Ultrasound etc. are done. After the diagnosis of Aneurysm and its severity is found the treatment follows. Firstly medicines to control the blood pressure may be prescribed to reduce the threat of rupture. Aneurysms of the abdomen that are large in size should be surgically removed. Aneurysms that have ruptured need emergency surgery or they can be threat to life. Some cases might also require stenting. Stents are put in arteries to open the way and stimulate the flow of blood. 

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