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Amaurosis Fugax


Sometimes temporary lack of blood supply to the retina can cause loss of vision and this is known as Amaurosis fugax. The loss of vision lasts as long as the blood supply to the retina is not stabilized and normalized. This blood supply to the retina is restrained because of the plaque forming in the arteries. The plaque is formed due to fat and cholesterol.

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Signs & Symptoms

There is only one symptom of Amaurosis fugax which is loss of vision suddenly in an eye which may last from few seconds to few minutes. Loss of vision is often described as gray or black shades that come over the eye.

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Conservative Treatment Modern Medicine

An eye exam in many cases is enough to decipher the artery blockage as there are bright spots that can be seen wherever the clots are blocking the artery. People with diabetes and high blood pressure are at a high risk of Amaurosis fugax and hence complete blood profiles showing blood sugar, cholesterol levels are indicators of a person’s health.

The treatment is based on two important facts which are the severity of blockage and the overall health of the person.

If the blockage is not major and doesn’t require surgery treatment is done with aspirins and other blood thinners. The treatment also includes dietary alterations like taking a light cholesterol diet, quitting smoking and reducing the intake of alcohol and also regular exercise routine to burn fats.

Surgical Modern Medicine

If the blockage of the artery is more than 70%, the doctor may recommend an open surgery to remove the blockage. There are two other forms of treatment recommended for persons who cannot undergo major surgery because of their overall health. These are: Stenting and Balloon angioplasty. Both these techniques are used to open up the area of blockage.

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