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Effective headache remedies

Dr. Shalini Kapoor Kad
March 29, 2011

A homoeopathic paediatrician, a counselling expert and a freelance writer are a few words to describe my profession. My sole aim is to put forth practical piece of information that guides every one right in the direction, blending the medicos to a layman with a simple gesture to make the medical things a little less convoluted and comprehendible.



A person encountering hyper stress and depression surely tends to suffer headache problems at any stage of life. The headache occurs in the soft muscles encircling several blood cells that serve these areas. The muscles can tighten or swell that stimulate pressure on the surrounding nerves. Usually, headache is categorized into primary and secondary headache.

Primary headache describes to that condition which doesn’t arise due to medical conditions or disease. A secondary headache is the result of medical conditions such as illness or infections. There are various types of headaches available under this point.

However, the migraine is one of the severe and chronic headache condition in which people feel severe pain on one side or both sides of the head. In migraine, patient suffers nausea and vomiting including head pain. If these problems are left untreated then it could be turned into catastrophic for the person suffering from headache. Therefore, try out few natural and effective home remedies for headaches. The causes of headaches are numerous, but here are some of them such as stress and anxiety, hangover, allergy, eyestrain, loud noise, high BP, lack of sound sleep, lack of proper healthy diet, constipation, deficiency of nutrition and others.


These are the remedies which provides good results in curing headache:

  • Hot and warm fomentations on the abdominal area at night before going to bed will surely give relief from the headache due to stomach and liver problem.
  • Having coconut blended with sugar candy will cure headaches.
  • Make paste of fresh and original sandalwood and apply on the forehead. Let the paste dry for sometime then rub it off and wash it. This is one of the best home remedies for headaches.
  • Lukewarm water gargles for throat, steam inhalation and nasal cleaning with lukewarm water are the best methods for curing headaches due to cold.
  • Apply poultice made of ginger powder at your forehead will also be beneficial for treating headaches.
  • Eating one fresh apple daily in the morning will surely cure all types of headaches. It is one of the most used home remedies for headaches.
  • Put 2-3 drops of ghee or cow butter into the nostrils for seven consecutive days if the headache is sinusitis.
  • Make a mixture of half teaspoon mustard seeds and three teaspoons of water. Now, put the solution into both nostrils. It will surely help in reducing the migraine and headache problems. It is one of the best home remedies for headaches.
  • Drink a glass of water mixed with fresh honey will also work in curing the headache problem.
  • Grind watermelon seeds and Cuseus grass independently. After then mix them in equal amount and apply the paste twice a day on your forehead to get rid of headache.
  • Headache due to deficiency of iron can be cured by taking brewer’s yeast in routine.
  • Massaging the head with rosemary oil is the best home remedy for headache.
  • Try out yoga to get rid of the headache problems.
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